A Shabby Strand

GoldchapelA Shabby Strand

A Short film script by Andy Franzkowiak

Synopsis – 

Ollie is a long-term homeless person. However his predicament has not left him without imagination, selflessness and a sense of fun and magic.

Looking like an extra from Oliver Twist, Ollie spends his time playing with children, other street performers and people living lives on the streets of London; spontaneity and clowning are at his core. His good-nature is plain for all to see, for example, he visits hospital wards, reading plays to patients, and generally entertaining them. We are lulled into thinking that this existence could even be one of preference, however the reality of the situation shows a darker world that Ollie has to deal with alone.

Having been beaten up during the night (we don’t see this, it is intonated through a black eye), Ollie cowers in an old Victorian public toilet, not wanting to venture into the outside world.

After hearing an interaction between 2 street performers Ollie re-emerges, rediscovering his playful and optimistic spirit to get back on the street.

It is here that his curiosity, and Dickensian look, gets the better of him and he is mistakenly invited into a ridiculous fancy dress party. Unfortunately he is recognised as the homeless guy from over the road and asked to leave. Dejected, he goes to leave; on his way out he bumps into someone he read for in hospital. On their embrace the film ends, suggesting a new future could be ahead.

Ollie’s character has elements of Wall-E; it has elements of clowning and mime, and of heart felt generosity of characters in children’s films.

It is an uplifting short film.

The film touches on the themes of homelessness, preconceptions and altruism.

The film needs to show the darker side of Ollie’s existence to counter-balance the simple beauty that he seems to find in his daily routine and his sense of adventure.

The characters in the film are simple and slightly exaggerated to give us a better sense of Ollie’s understanding of the world and those in it. The same goes for London, there is a sense of London’s innocence and childishness in the film. London is Ollie’s playground.

A Shabby Strand – Click here to see script

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