I directed this…

The film about a man who decides that there is nothing left but to leave himself to robot science, or an anti-Pinocchio tale, is one that resonates with all of us.

The urge to give up can sometimes be greater than all other urges, run away, free ourselves from responsibility, exonerate ourselves from decision making. What it means to be a socially responsible human being has little to do with our intrinsic biology. Chastising ourselves for procrastination, when perhaps we should wonder why we shouldn’t procrastinate. We are ready to leave our own daily routines and delve into others through stories, both real and fiction, all the time, but why, or indeed, why not?

A responsible person, earns money, builds a home, looks inwards to the moral fibres that should be present, taught by generations gone by, and slovenly, unthinkingly adhered to by the overpowering majority.

What do you want?

A robot body, that might not die. No chance to grow old, no chance to face fears that the mislabelled weak, mull over on a daily basis. 000016

We are only just beginning to understand the biological human being, after generations of viewing ourselves as imperfect reflections of God, separate to the natural world, separate from biological impulses, separate from the cosmos. We are now reducing ourselves to the sum of our parts, starting to understand the processes at play beneath our conscious veneer, beneath our socially obedient robotic selves. And this taking apart of the human being, cell by cell, should be celebrated. The irony of this reduction will be that each of us will become more individual, we all have hearts, but each of us has a different genome.

Where will this understanding take us?

By understanding our imperfections through the biological and chemical impulses that govern every animal on earth, probably the universe, we can start viewing everyone as individual, and as a small part of a planet-wide natural network. We have to see ourselves as part of planet earth, for so many reasons, not least to ensure the safe continuation of the human species. Enjoy your impulses, nature has decided that altruism is in fact of evolutionary benefit, and therefore is biologically present in most living things, social constructs are moveable beasts, don’t be afraid to start pushing a wall back, you’ll find there are many that will probably go with you.

** Thank you to all took part in the filming, especially Andy Gyves (the singer/robot), who froze his ass off for this music video!

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